A New England Odyssey

Friday, August 11, 1995

     Well, it’s nearing the end of our last day here in Phoenix, and it’s been unbelievably hectic. We’ve had one of the cars in and out of the shop for nearly a week now, and they never did find out what was wrong with it. We picked it up this afternoon and it’s still running on only 4 cylinders out of 6. I guess we’ll worry about it when we get back. Besides, there’s no point in fixing a car that’ll just sit for two weeks, right?
     Our traveling companion, George, won’t be able to fly out with us tonight, and has rescheduled his arrival for next Friday (the first day of the NecronomiCon Convention). That in itself isn’t a problem, but we aren’t able to change our accommodations at this late date, so for Saturday through Wednesday night we have rooms with an extra bed (and cost). Part of the accommodations problem in Boston is due to the MacWorld convention (BOO!) happening the same weekend. A hotel room in downtown Boston couldn’t be had for less than $160, and some couldn’t be had for any price.
     I spent today finishing up my trip planning. I put the finishing touches on a few FoxPro applications (the H. P. Lovecraft Correspondence Database, the FAQ outliner, and my newsreader) and moving all of them to the laptop that my buddy, Dan, has so thoughtfully loaned to me. Thanks, Dan! I also printed a chapbook that I’m hoping to convince Marc Michaud (of Necronomicon Press) to print, and had several copies made at Kinko’s Copies. We also did some last-minute shopping, getting videotape, film, munchies, and other trip-related things. There were at least a dozen other equally boring things I accomplished today, but I’ll spare you the insipid details. I’m actually very surprised at how much we got done today!
     We had hoped to get a lift to the airport from my lifelong friend, Greg, but as it turns out, his car isn’t running. So, Pam asked her parents, but they have company tonight. Finally, we reached George who we hope will be here any minute to take us to the airport. Our plane leaves at 11:40 p.m., and I, like an idiot, am here typing away at 9:00 p.m.! Until he arrives, I’ll be updating my trip schedule and my list of highlights so I have a comprehensive reference for our sixteen-day trip.
     I checked the weather for Boston on the ’net, and at the present time it’s 78 degrees, although the humidity is about 70%. However, the “heat index” only pushes that up to 79 degrees, so it’s not so bad. They’re also expecting some thundershowers in the Boston area in the next few days. That, combined with the fact that most of our time will be spent near the coast should make it pretty comfortable. The temperature here in Phoenix an hour ago was 105 degrees, but the humidity was only 25%. Nonetheless, the weather web page that I read all this on listed the temperature here as “DANGEROUS,” in flashing letters. Yow!
     Well, I have a few things left to do, so I’d better sign off and get going. Until tomorrow!